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Mission Statement

To provide a therapeutic service that promotes individual growth and psychological health.  Each client is a unique individual influenced by their values, beliefs and personal identity.  

My approach is to identify the client's goals and establish a therapeutic service on the individualised goals, honouring and respecting the uniqueness of each person.

I seek to promote a positive sense of self by raising self-awareness to understand anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, bereavement, addiction, phobias and emotional issues, which inhibit one's enjoyment of life.

I endeavour to encourage individual growth and a positive sense of self-promoting emotional wellbeing.

Learning to release your emotions will transform your life



My name is Katrina King and I'm the founder of BlueCircles Counselling & Psychotherapy.  My vision is to utilise my interests and skills in counseling and psychotherapy to help others manage their life expectations by working with clients on a one-2-one basis. I have chosen the name BlueCircles for the business; the circle being an ancient and universal symbol of unity and wholeness, whilst the colour blue represents depth, stability and tranquility.


The specific therapeutic treatment BlueCircles provide addresses issues including anxiety disorders, depression, addiction (smoking and weight gain), grief and loss.


As a therapist my aim is to create a warm, non-judgmental space to talk through any life difficulties, combining my skills in counselling and psychotherapy to develop the wellbeing of others.


Trust your journey; there is no single approach for all situations. Integrative therapy will explore in-depth issues to help you find healing and the courage to dig a little deeper to find your own solutions.

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