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My Services


The specific therapeutic treatment BlueCircles provide addresses issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, addiction including sex addiction, smoking, weight gain and grief and loss.

Together, we can create more understanding, more compassion, beyond the surface

through your own unique experiences.


As a therapist my aim is to create a warm, non-judgmental space to talk through any life difficulties, combining my skills in counselling and psychotherapy to develop the wellbeing of others. I believe talking to someone who is there just for you, can help identify positive steps to process and resolve issues in your own way and find the right path to allow you to reach your goals, release your dreams enabling you to reach your full potential.


Trust your journey; there is no single approach for all situations. Integrative therapy will explore in-depth issues to help you find healing and the courage to dig a little deeper to find your own solutions.


Thought: What we think affects how we act and feel

Emotion: What we feel affects our emotions

Behaviour:  What we do affects how we think and feel

Nurture yourself and learn to be who you really are


Helps you focus on internal conflicts and promotes Wisdom, Love and Happiness

that leads to a more productive life.


Breath into silence to unfold whatever is in the present moment  

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